In an effort to protect the health of our clients, employees, and communities from potential impacts of COVID-19, we are holding virtual meetings (via telephone) as an alternative to traditional face-to-face meetings. The quarantine does not need to stop you from getting the legal help you need and we are available to help entirely virtually! Feel free to reach out for a Free Virtual Consultation.

In order to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of the healthcare workers and first responders helping our communities, we want to extend a discount to each of them and their families on any estate planning services to help them protect and care for their own loved ones.

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  • Who Can Open a Safe Deposit Box After Death?
    Who Can Open a Safe Deposit Box After Death?

    A Michigan statute governs access to a deceased individual’s safe deposit box. The law establishes specific requirements and procedures that apply if you need to access a loved one’s safe deposit box ...

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  • How Does the Court Establish Conservatorship?
    How Does the Court Establish Conservatorship?

    Michigan courts have broad authority to appoint a conservator for an individual who can no longer manage their own financial matters. Establishing a conservatorship requires filing a petition with a ...

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