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In order to express our gratitude and appreciation to all of the healthcare workers and first responders helping our communities, we want to extend a discount to each of them and their families on any estate planning services to help them protect and care for their own loved ones.

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  • Exercise 'slows down Alzheimer's'
    Exercise 'slows down Alzheimer's'

    Being physically fit could hold back the advance of Alzheimer’s disease, US researchers have suggested. A study by Dr Jeffrey Burns, from the University of Kansas School of Medicine published in the ...

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  • Zero Percent Capital Gain, Is It True? Yes, It's True!
    Zero Percent Capital Gain, Is It True? Yes, It's True!

    In 2008 a zero percent capital gain rate is making its first appearance, but that does not mean all capital gain will be taxed at zero percent. Notice there will be a zero percent rate; which does not ...

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  • A Red Flag on Reverse Mortgages
    A Red Flag on Reverse Mortgages

    It is the saddest of paradoxes: a government-backed financial maneuver intended to free up extra money for struggling older people turns out to have left some widows and widowers on the brink of ...

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