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  • Wish You Were Here: Alzheimer's Disease, a Wife's Perspective
    Wish You Were Here: Alzheimer's Disease, a Wife's Perspective

    I am sitting in the restaurant having lunch with my husband, Howard. But Howard’s not here. We ordered our lunch; Minestrone soup (Howard’s favorite), Caesar salad, a nice panini bread, and tea. ...

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  • Winter is Heart-Attack Season
    Winter is Heart-Attack Season

    Everyone knows that winter is cold and flu season, but did you know that it is also the riskiest time of the year for your heart? A recent study found that the risk of heart-attack was twice as great ...

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  • Alert of New Scam
    Alert of New Scam

    Many of our client’s recently have received unsolicited official looking letters suggesting that they should obtain a certified copy of their deed. This is a scam; it is deceptive and not necessary. ...

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