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Resolving Competency Disputes in Troy

Helping Families in Oakland County & Surrounding Areas to Reach Solutions

With an aging parent comes complications and even conflicts. What can you do when dad is no longer competent to make decisions, but your siblings still want you to honor his wishes? By turning to the lawyers at BRMM and The Center for Elder Law, you can obtain information that may help you reach a resolution.

Call (248) 494-4577 to speak with Troy estate and probate attorneys. We offer free consultations.

Providing Support for Decision Makers

Even with a thorough plan for the future—wills, end-of-life planning, and durable power of attorney in place—not everything will go as expected. Estates can bring out unusual behaviors in family members and other stakeholders who feel relevant in your elder relative’s life. When that person’s mental capacity begins to fail, the people overseeing the important decisions are often vilified. With our strong focus on elder law, BRMM attorneys have a comprehensive handle on all of the legal, financial and personal dimensions of an aging parent’s decline.

We help settle disagreements about:

  • The extent of an elderly parent’s dementia
  • Concerns about the influence and motivations of a home care attendant
  • Conflicts between the adult children from a prior marriage and a new spouse or close companion

Keeping Peace in the Family

If your family is involved in a disagreement concerning the competency of an elderly parent, contact one of our probate litigation attorneys. We represent family members, guardians, conservators, persons acting under powers of attorney, and persons whose competency is called into question. Our knowledge of Michigan guardianship and conservatorship procedures can help you identify ways to protect a vulnerable person’s interests in any given case.

By working with an experienced probate lawyer, you can work through your family’s case by:

  • Knowing all your available legal options
  • Repairing damaged family relationships
  • Addressing the estate’s problems
  • Applying to the court for a protective order to prevent an individual from interfering with the affairs of another
  • Declaring mental incompetence to activate power of attorney over financial or medical matters without the need for a court-appointed guardian or conservator

Call (248) 494-4577 Now

Our probate dispute lawyers advise clients about all their legal options. No matter how you choose to resolve your problem, our team is here to help clients repair damaged family relationships while addressing the problem at hand. When preserving family harmony is not possible, such as in cases of blatant exploitation of a vulnerable adult, we are not afraid to aggressively litigate your case in probate court.

Count on The Center for Elder Law and the elder law experts at BRMM to help you find resolution. Call us today or contact us online.

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