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When you are staring down a legal complication, it can be intimidating to know what to do next. Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras P.C. and our Wayne County lawyers are here to help, so you don’t have to navigate the legal world alone.

Backed by more than 90 years of collective legal experience, our team is ready to help with a variety of legal matters. Everything from estate planning to real estate law is in our legal wheelhouse. No matter the reason why you call on us for help, we will be there to protect your rights, uphold your best interests, and just make you feel more confident about the road ahead of you.

Planning for the Future Has Never Been Simpler

Whether you are entering your golden years, starting a family, running a business, or beginning to build your savings account, you should be thinking about estate planning. With a properly formed estate plan, you can anticipate the future and its potential hardships, lessening them by being proactive. Our Wayne County estate planning attorneys can help you plan for the future, choose how you will be cared for, assist you in assigning inheritances, and much more.

Some key aspects of a typical estate plan are:

Wayne County Probate Attorneys at Your Service

When someone passes away, there is a good chance their will – sometimes called a last will and testament – moves through probate. The purpose of probate is validating the will’s authenticity and legal validity before following its instructions, such as how to distribute assets to named inheritors. The probate process will also include squaring away any debts owed by the decedent, which must happen before inheritances are distributed.

Probate can become a problem when interested parties and beneficiaries disagree regarding how to follow the decedent’s will. When a will is not written well and clearly, it increases the chances of matters getting caught up in probate. There is also the issue of trying to decide what to do with a decedent’s assets if their will cannot be found, which is called dying intestate. The probate court can settle the matter following Michigan’s rules, and we can help you figure those out.

Let us simplify the probate process by helping you with cases involving:

Trusted Guidance for Elder Law Concerns

Elder law is a term for any process that involves laws and regulations that particularly concern people in their elderly years. As a result, elder law catches a wide spectrum of topics, questions, and cases. Rather than needing to bounce among law firms to find someone who can help you with all of your elder law inquiries, come straight to Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras P.C.

Our Wayne County elder law attorneys can manage all types of elder law matters, such as planning for:

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Gain Confidence Through Our Legal Representation

If you are facing a confusing legal challenge, like forming an estate plan or trying to figure out the probate process, don’t go through it on your own. Let us lend you a hand and provide moral support. Our attorneys are highly experienced in our fields. Our knowledge and experience become your own when you hire us to be your legal guides!

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    “They treat you like family and walked us through the entire Medicaid process for my mom, as well, as made sure our POA documents were in place. I couldn't be more grateful for their kindness, help, and guidance.”

  • Strong, ethical, principles.

    “When you have confidence in your lawyer, such as I found with Andy Mayoras and other members within his law firm, I fully trusted that my position was going to be zealously represented in an upstanding and professional way. I have nothing but deep respect ”

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