When you can’t afford to lose , you need a BRMM litigator, experienced probate and litigation attorney’s

When you’re faced with a dispute – whether personal or business – it’s crucial to work with the best to protect your interests and enforce your rights. The knowledgeable litigators at BRMM have extensive experience representing individuals, families and businesses in a wide variety of legal disputes on probates and litigation’s.

At BRMM, we combine specialized expertise in all types of probate court and related disputes with decades of broad-based experience in civil litigation, including commercial, personal injury and real estate. Whether you need guidance interpreting the terms of a will, managing the assets of a trust, replacing a vulnerable person’s conservator, resolving property disputes, or are facing other battles in probate court or elsewhere, our attorneys are there for you.

Our litigators consistently provide the high quality, hard-nosed representation you deserve. When diplomacy and negotiation don’t work, we aggressively litigate your position in court and fight for you with the full force of BRMM’s resources. Tough, yet practical. Firm, but always on your side.

BRMM successfully combines battle-hardened courtroom skills with experience, compassion, and an expansive knowledge of trusts, estates, elder law, and probate disputes.

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Successful probate, commercial and personal injury litigation require expert legal direction, aggressive strategies and a bold approach. Your attorney also needs to understand the complex dynamics between the parties involved. The litigators at BRMM fit that bill. We are results-oriented, putting our extensive experience to work to resolve a broad range of disputes, including:

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How to Spot, Avoid and Address Family Disputes and Related Legal Problems that Effect Seniors

Dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or another condition causing loss of competence is difficult enough. The problem becomes even more troublesome when the condition acts as a spark to ignite family conflict. Sibling rivalries, second marriages, the refusal to accept reduced competency, and simple greed are but some of the situations that add fuel to the fire and foster dramatic family feuds.