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For many of us, relationships are what matter most. At Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras, our purpose as estate planning lawyers is to help you protect your loved ones. We can help you with financial planning, legal arrangements, and, if necessary, litigation.

We understand that elder law, estate planning, and probate involve some of life’s most complicated decisions. We want to be your trusted advocates as you navigate these waters.

Our Estate Planning Services

Estate planning encompasses a variety of legal tools we use to safeguard assets, create long-term care plans, and build legacies. Whether you have only a few small assets or an extensive estate, we can help you convey your wishes. Our experienced estate planning attorneys can help you implement effective strategies to accomplish your goals.

Here are just a few of the estate planning services we offer:

The general concepts behind these devices are simple. However, proper execution takes years of experience and an in-depth understanding of all relevant state and federal laws. We know how to help you avoid common pitfalls, and our attention to detail is unfailing.

Elder Law

While our senior citizens deserve the utmost respect, they may not receive proper care when they need it most. As we age, medical costs increase while our ability to advocate for ourselves may decline. Our team at BRMM is deeply passionate about helping the elderly members of our community overcome these challenges.

We can help plan for disability, establish advance medical directives and living trusts, preserve access to government benefits, and more. Ultimately, we can provide your family with services designed to restore your elderly loved one’s sense of independence.

Special Needs Planning

If your loved one has special needs, our estate planning process plays an enormous role in their future. Without skilled legal counsel and representation, the estate planning documents you create today may not guarantee the care they need tomorrow. At BRMM, we can help you establish a Special Needs Trust and a Letter of Guidance to convey your wishes.

Probate Attorneys in Birmingham

Litigation is the last thing anyone would want to think about after a loved one’s passing. However, if it happens, you deserve skilled and dedicated advocacy. In the best-case scenario, probate is a fast, straightforward means of distributing a decedent’s estate. However, if someone contests the will or accuses an executor of breaching fiduciary duty, probate will become a serious challenge.

Learn more about what our estate law attorneys can do for you and your loved ones in Birmingham, MI. Contact our estate and probate attorneys for assistance today.

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Our firm has nearly a century’s worth of combined legal experience. We have both the credentials and the compassion needed to deliver exceptional legal services for every single client. Our specialized interests help us develop strategic, creative solutions to complex issues. Our commitment to making a difference pushes us to raise the standards of legal representation in Birmingham, Michigan.

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    “This firm has taken care of the planning for my husband and I to protect our future heirs. We are grateful for their guidance and would definitely recommend BRMM.”

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    “They treat you like family and walked us through the entire Medicaid process for my mom, as well, as made sure our POA documents were in place. I couldn't be more grateful for their kindness, help, and guidance.”

  • Strong, ethical, principles.

    “When you have confidence in your lawyer, such as I found with Andy Mayoras and other members within his law firm, I fully trusted that my position was going to be zealously represented in an upstanding and professional way. I have nothing but deep respect ”

  • The attorneys at BRMM exceeded all our needs and expectations during this trying time.

    “Our family can not thank them both enough for their great work. We highly recommend their services for anyone's elderly care needs.”

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