A full-service law firm. A full range of legal services.

BRMM is a full-service law firm providing expert counsel and extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas. With over 90 years of combined experience, you’ll find our attorneys have specialized knowledge and personal interest in a number of core fields. You won’t find this level of passion, integrity and commitment anywhere else in Michigan.

Turn to the legal team you can trust when you need assistance with any of these services:

Estate Planning

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of early estate planning. Too often, ill-prepared people undergo tragedies, leaving their estates in shambles. The old adage that money can do ugly things to families is, sadly, often true. We aim to minimize the heartache and heartbreak that often accompanies estate disputes by helping guide you through the legal steps before you have to deal with a crisis.

Because our estate planning attorneys are also elder law attorneys, we offer protections for seniors that other estate planning lawyers don’t have the expertise to do. Our comprehensive estate plans include:

Elder Law

The Center for Elder Law, a division of BRMM, is unrivaled in southeast Michigan. Our extensive experience and expertise in elder law will help you find the truth among many misperceptions. There is a terrible gap between what the law actually is and what people believe the law to be. Instead of listening to neighbors, friends or other family members to hear half-truths and myths, contact The Center for Elder Law for a comprehensive evaluation of your situation. With our guidance, you’ll find options for planning, preparing and keeping your loved ones safe and comfortable.

Our full-service division, The Center for Elder Law, can help anyone concerned about a senior citizen in Michigan. We assist you with long-term care issues and legal planning such as:

Family Law

Families often face a time when life changes require legal intervention. Some phase of life such as adoption and marriage are happy events. Others can become contentious. No matter what the emotional makeup of the family situation, the lawyers at BRMM approach every situation with patience, compassion and wisdom.  Our Family Law division was created to help you navigate the emotionally charged legal issues family often face, including:


Adoption can be loaded with emotion and complex legal codes. Adoptive parents need experienced attorneys with adoption expertise to guide the process. BRMM can assist with the many challenges adoptive families face, including:

  • Direct placement adoptions
  • Adult adoptions
  • Relative adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions

We can also help provide referrals, suggest counseling services, advise regarding financial expenditures and more.


When a marriage falls apart, it can be devastating. Tensions become explosive and it is difficult for the parties to communicate well. We recognize what an emotional decision divorce is for all parties involved and we help keep the legal process moving when communication breaks down. Our attorneys have experience with complex, sophisticated and contentious divorces, and you can trust us to navigate legal issues such as:

  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Visitation
  • Division of assets
  • Division of property
Family Fights

Family fights over estate administration, family heirlooms or something else of value can get ugly. When family fights become legal issues, our attorneys help you carefully navigate the matter and reach a fair outcome. Our experienced attorneys can help resolve family disputes such as:

  • Probate Litigation
  • Guardianship/Conservatorship
  • Division of assets
  • Property settlements
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Will Contests
  • Trust Contests


Managing an estate takes care and organization, and negotiating probate proceedings requires experience in and out of the courtroom. Our attorneys have these qualities and decades of experience so we can explain and protect the rights of every party involved.

Our probate experts represent all perspectives of probate disagreements and are capable and confident in a variety of areas, including:

Estate Administration

If you’re faced with issues concerning the administration of a trust or estate, don’t let it destroy your family or cause undue anxiety. At BRMM, we represent all sides of estate administration throughout Michigan. Let our experienced probate lawyers provide smart, sound advice and clearly communicate your options, rights, responsibilities and legal options.

Protective Orders

Our lawyers can help develop a protective order, which can prevent an individual from unduly interfering with the affairs of another, or can declare a person incompetent so that a power of attorney over financial or medical matters can be activated without the need for a court-appointed guardian or conservator.

Trust Administration and Trust Litigation

The experts at The Center for Elder Law can guide you through all aspects of trust administration. Our attorneys are renowned litigators, expertly handling trust litigation, such as disputes about the distribution of a trust’s assets, the performance of a trustee, or conflicts between income and remainder beneficiaries.

Contested Wills (will disputes)

BRMM can help with any will disputes, including disputes about the interpretation of the terms of a will, a person’s status as an heir, or claims of undue influence or fraud in the preparation or execution of a will.

Guardianships and conservatorships

Probate court proceedings involving the appointment or performance of guardians and conservators can be contentious. In the event of a contested guardianship or conservatorship, our attorneys are able to fight for you, no matter what side of the conflict you represent.

Claims against fiduciaries

When there are claims against fiduciaries such as trustees, personal representatives or conservators ranging from mismanagement of assets to self-dealing or misappropriation of property, our attorneys will fight on your behalf.

Resolving competency disputes

Competency disputes involving an elderly parent’s ability to manage his or her own financial or medical affairs are challenging. Our attorneys have been through these situations numerous times and know the ins and outs of this sensitive topic.

Asset ownership disputes

Asset ownership disputes concerning joint accounts, life insurance policies, questionable gifts, missing property, or conflicts between trusts and estates can get sticky in family disputes. No matter how much emotion there may be in a case, our attorneys maintain their focus on getting their clients what is rightfully theirs.

Business and partnership Issues

We can help settle business and partnership issues that need to be resolved in probate court after the death or incompetence of a person with a significant interest in a company or corporation.

Debtor and creditor resolution

BRMM can help find resolution to issues concerning the debtors or creditors of an estate in probate court.

Appeals of judgments and orders in probate court

We don’t want you to have to go to probate court, but sometimes diplomacy doesn’t work and court dates are set. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience so your case will benefit from the close attention of attorneys who practice in probate court frequently. This is an advantage, because we are familiar with the Michigan probate code and the procedures applied by judges across the state. We know how to get the resolution you want in court.

Out-of-state representation available for clients with a claim on a Michigan estate



If proper estate planning isn’t done, fights in court often result. Families need to contact the experienced probate litigation attorneys at BRMM to assist in the fight. We have an entire division of our law firm devoted to these family feuds and other contested legal issues that arise for families with aging seniors or loved ones who have passed.

We specialize in will and trust contests, guardianship disputes, beneficiary rights, bank account disputes, real estate and other assets, and so much more. We also draw on our broad litigation background and help with all legal disputes in court, including commercial litigation, breach of contract, personal injury and any other civil disputes.

Business Law

Every business needs a good lawyer to help them follow the strictest legal guidelines; our attorneys have helped every type of business from Fortune 500 companies to corner stores. Our services involve Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S Corps, minority-owned businesses, woman-owned Businesses, buy/sell agreements, contracts, commercial formation and maintenance, loan agreements, mergers, acquisitions, sales, general and limited partnerships, promissory notes, security agreements, etc.

Real Estate Law

Much like our work in business law, real estate law involves knowing the most minute of Michigan laws and applying them carefully to each case. Real estate law services we deliver include: purchase and sale, closings, mortgages, deeds, title insurance, construction and development loans, secured transactions, and leases, and more.

Personal Injury

We have helped Michigan residents injured in car crashes, slip and falls, malpractice and all other types of accidents since 1970. Unlike other personal injury attorneys, we combine our elder law expertise to provide extra service and care for anyone middle-aged or older who is hurt or injured. Baby boomers and retirees who are injured have special needs and legal complications that come with age. For those people, it’s extra important to use a personal injury attorney who is also experienced in elder law, like we are.