Out-of-State Representation

We represent anyone with a legal claim to Michigan estates

It is very common for heirs, devisees, trust beneficiaries and personal representatives who are named in a decedent’s will to live outside the State of Michigan. But if the estate is legally held in Michigan, they need a Michigan attorney to represent them.

At BRMM, we help out-of-state clients resolve probate litigation matters while minimizing the need to return to Michigan. We have a presence in Florida to assist Florida residents with legal needs in Michigan, as well.

We represent out-of-state clients as plaintiffs or defendants in Michigan probate litigation. The following are examples of the issues we can handle on your behalf:

Our team of attorneys draws from decades of experience in elder law, estate planning and business litigation. Our use of technology means you can stay fully engaged and informed about your case from anywhere in the world. We may be able to resolve your problem on favorable terms without the need for you to return to Michigan at all. If a trial is necessary to determine your case, we often reduce the need for you to return to the state by arranging for depositions in your state of residence or by teleconferencing.

Your rights as an heir or your responsibilities as a personal representative need not be compromised simply because you live far away from Michigan. And you don’t have to shuttle back and forth to sign papers or appear for routine court hearings.

To learn more about our ability to represent out-of-state clients effectively in Michigan probate litigation, contact a lawyer at BRMM today.