Breach of Contract

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If you find yourself battling over a contract, you need a strong attorney in your corner.

A contract is a legal, binding agreement between two parties. If one party fails to uphold their side of the contract without a legitimate legal excuse, they are considered in “breach” of the contract and can be taken to court.

There are many situations where someone could be considered in breach of contract. Some examples:

  • Failing to complete a job they were hired to do
  • Not paying for a service in full or on time
  • Not delivering goods that were promised
  • Substituting inferior goods for the goods promised
  • Any act where work agreed to was not completed

If you believe that you have a case against a business or an individual where they didn’t hold up their end of a legal contract, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer.

BRMM attorneys understand the complexities of contract law and are successful at settling breach of contract claims out of court and in the courtroom, if necessary.

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