Appeals of Judgment or Orders

Our attorneys expertly navigate the appeal process

An appeal is a request to have another court reverse or change the judgment received in a previous court. The appeal process is tricky and involves strict rules about timing, what can and can’t be used from the previous court transcripts, very specific forms and paperwork to be filed, and certain idiosyncrasies that occur when you move between courts and judges.

No matter how complex the process is, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you navigate it from every angle. If you believe you have a case that is worthy of appeal, contact the experts at BRMM to learn about your options to challenge a judgment.

Some reasons to appeal a judgment include but are not limited to:

  • Clerical mistakes in documents or trial record
  • New evidence is available
  • Fraud
  • Neglect

Our attorneys have extensive trial experience so your case will benefit from the close attention of attorneys who practice in probate court frequently. With decades of experience our attorneys can help find a solution to even the trickiest appeal.
Contact BRMM today for a free consultation and to discuss your appeal options. We will guide you in the right direction.