Our Michigan Law Firm Serves Client Needs in Florida

All of us at BRMM extend hearty congratulations to partner Andrew Mayoras in passing the Florida Bar exam! With Andy’s success, the firm is able to serve the needs of our Michigan clients who have residences or other needs in Florida.

While passing a bar exam may not seem like a difficult accomplishment, it really is! We have the data to prove it, including some fun facts about famous people who failed bar examinations.

Passing the Bar: Not As Easy As It Sounds

While passing a bar exam probably sounds like a simple feat to many people, it’s not a sure thing by any means. The statistics on the Florida exam that Andy took tell part of the story: More than 2200 aspiring and practicing attorneys took the exam. Only 71% of those who took it passed — exactly 650 people failed that exam. Lawyers like Andy who are already admitted to practice did a little better, with a pass rate of 77.4%.

That’s not the end of the story — or the most entertaining part. There are quite a few famous people who failed a bar exam. You know of these people, because they were very successful despite the fact that they didn’t pass a bar exam. We’re not trying to embarrass anyone — and we’re not the first to share this information. But hey: We’re proud of Andy!

There are a number of internet articles about famous people who failed bar exams on the first try. One in particular included these well-known public figures who don’t share Andy’s accomplishment of passing a bar exam on the first try:

Michele Obama

The former First Lady failed the Illinois Bar exam on her first try.

Hillary Clinton

The former Secretary of State passed the Arkansas bar, but failed the District of Columbia Bar exam the first time she took it.

Jerry Brown

The current California governor — and longest-serving governor in California’s history — did pass on his second attempt at the California Bar exam, but failed on the first try.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The former President of the United States failed the New York Bar exam the first time he took it.

Pete Wilson

The former California governor failed the California Bar exam three times before passing it on his fourth attempt.

Antonio Villaraigosa

The California Bar exam clearly is challenging. The former Mayor of Los Angeles failed the California Bar exam four times. Then he gave up.

Ed Koch

The New York Bar exam is tough, too. The former New York City Mayor failed it.

Pat Robertson

The media mogul and former Southern Baptist minister is another victim of the New York Bar exam.

Richard Daley

Mayors and bar exams do not seem to mix well. The former Mayor of Chicago got elected six times. But he failed the Illinois Bar exam.

David Paterson

Governors seem to have the same problems with bar exams as mayors do. Former New York State Governor David Paterson failed the New York Bar exam.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

On his third try, the young Kennedy finally passed the New York Bar exam. Maybe a very busy social life is an understandable excuse.

Why Our Florida Connection Matters

We had a little bit of fun illustrating the magnitude of Andy’s feat. What is most important about his success it that it enables our firm to fully serve the needs of our Michigan clients with homes or other interests in the state of Florida, including matters involving estate planning and elder law, trust and estate administration, and probate litigation.

BRMM is proud of Andy. We are just as proud to be able to better serve the needs of our clients. We invite you to call us at (248) 213-9514 or complete our online form if we can help with your legal matters in Michigan or Florida, or in both states.

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