Troy, Michigan Attorneys Danielle & Andy Mayoras Featured in DBusiness Magazine

Danielle and Andy Mayoras were recently featured in Detroit’s Premier Business Journal, DBusiness Magazine, to discuss their newest adventure in breaking down the estates and fortunes of celebrities and public figures. REELZChannel’s upcoming docuseries Celebrity Legacies goes into detail about legal estate battles among the rich and famous, and the show’s producers selected Danielle & Andy to lend their expert commentary to the series’ 26 1-hour long episodes.

Jennifer McAuley, the Content Supervisor for the production company behind Celebrity Legacies, says,

“With their vast knowledge and experience in estate planning and probate litigation, Danielle and Andy are adept at explaining the intricacies of famous estate battles in insightful, informative ways for viewers.”

Their best selling book, “Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!” was published in 2009 and received overwhelming critical acclaim for its juicy celebrity details and useful insight for readers. As estate planning and litigation attorneys & shareholders for Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras, Andy and Danielle offer the residents of Troy, Michigan and surrounding areas with expert legal advice. The couple has appeared on various high profile television and radio shows, including the Rachel Ray Show, The Insider, Access Hollywood and more.

Danielle says that surprisingly, celebrity estate battles aren’t much different from the issues that every day families deal with after a loved one passes away.

“The truth is, the estate planning and inheritance issues celebrities deal with are the same as those faced by our clients here in Michigan. Even though the dollars at stake may be different, famous families have the same concerns as those we work with every day.”

Read the full article at DBusiness Magazine to learn more about what Andy and Danielle Mayoras are contributing to Celebrity Legacies, and how to tune in to watch them expertly analyze the estate planning and probate drama surrounding notable figures such as Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Elizabeth Taylor and more.

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