Top Ten Reasons for Not Getting an Estate Plan

HUMOR: With tongue in cheek, here are the top ten reasons to not have a trust, will or plan. We hope you enjoy this and not take it too seriously.

10. You can help to support many poor attorneys by paying them huge fees to probate your estate.

9. You can be sure to give a lot of your money to an heir who spends it on cool cars and extravagant vacations.

8. You can give 4 – 10 percent of your estate to support the lifestyles of the employees at the probate court.

7. You can keep your heirs from using your money for things like a silly heart operation by having all your assets frozen by the probate court for years.

6. You don’t need peace of mind; who needs all that sleep anyway?

5. Because you’ll have to be filing many documents in probate court you can help to keep the paper makers in business and thin out the unsightly forests.

4. If you have jointly held property with someone you trust you can help them pay their debts when a collection agency attaches it.

3. All your personal information can become pubic record and will be read and gossiped about by your friends and neighbors for many years to come.

2. It will give your loved ones something to do for years to come driving back and forth to probate court for hearings.

And finally, the number one reason for not getting an estate plan…

1. Your loved ones will be brought closer together as they fight over your personal property, like your recliner, cheap jewelry and complete collection of Doris Day records.

Remember: If you don’t have an estate plan, the state has a plan for you!

Special thanks to Ohio attorney Marc Stolarsky for his humorous article.

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