Special Needs Trusts Permissible Distributions

The trustee may utilize any of the foregoing listing for expenditures from the trust. The following list of non-support items is provided for purposes of description and shall not limit the trustee in making other distributions for other items of amenities that the trustee may believe are in the best interest of the beneficiary. Those items may include, but are limited to:

  1. Automobile/Van
  2. Accounting services
  3. Acupuncture / Acupressure
  4. Appliances (TV, VCR, stereo, Microwave, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer)
  5. Bottled Water or water service
  6. Bus pass/public transportation costs
  7. Camera, film recorder and tapes, development of film
  8. Clubs and club dues (record clubs, book clubs, health clubs, service clubs, zoo, Advocacy Groups, museums)
  9. Computer hardware, software, programs
  10. a. Internet services
  11. Conferences
  12. Courses or classes (academic or recreational) including supplies
  13. Curtains, blinds, drapes and the lik
  14. Dental work not covered by Medicaid, including anesthesia
  15. Down payment on home or security deposit on apartment.
  16. Dry cleaning and/or laundry services
  17. Elective surgery
  18. Fitness equipment
  19. Funeral expenses
  20. Furniture, home furnishings
  21. Gasoline and/or Maintenance for automobile
  22. Haircuts / Salon services
  23. Holiday Decorations, parties, dinner dances, holiday cards
  24. Home alarm and/or monitoring/response system
  25. Home improvements, repairs and maintenance (not covered by Medicaid), including tools to perform home improvements, repairs and maintenance by homeowner.
  26. Home Purchase (to the extent not covered by benefits)
  27. House cleaning / maid service
  28. Insurance (automobile, home and/or possessions)
  29. Legal Fees/Advocacy
  30. Linens and towel
  31. Massage
  32. Musical Instruments (including lessons and music)
  33. Non-food grocery items (laundry soap, bleach, fabric softener, deodorant, dish soap, hand and body soap, personal hygiene products, paper towels, napkins, Kleenex, toilet paper, any household cleaning products)
  34. Over the counter medications (including vitamins and herbs, etc.)
  35. Personal Assistance Services not covered by Medicaid
  36. Pet and pet’s supplies, veterinary services
  37. Physician specialists if not covered by Medicaid
  38. Private counseling if not covered by Medicaid
  39. Repair services (appliance, automobile, bicycle, household, fitness equipment)
  40. Snow removal/Landscaping/Lawn Service
  41. Sporting goods/equipment/uniforms/team picture
  42. Stationary, stamps, cards, etc.
  43. Storage Units
  44. Taxi cab
  45. Telephone service and equipment, including cell phone, pager, etc.
  46. Therapy (Physical, Occupational, Speech) not covered by Medicaid.
  47. Tickets to concerts or sporting events (for beneficiary and an accompanying companion)
  48. Transportation (automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, moped, gas, bus passes)
  49. Utility bills (direct TV, cable TV, electric, heating)
  50. Vacation (including paying for personal assistance to accompany the beneficiary)

Examples of Trust Distributions which will Reduce SSI Benefit

  1. Basic shelter related expenses
  2. Food
  3. Basic items of clothing
  4. Cash for any purposes

Examples of Impermissible Trust Distributions

  1. Paying for a service already paid for by another source
  2. Distribution not in the best interest of the beneficiary (made primarily for the benefit of another person)
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