Alert of New Scam

Many of our client’s recently have received unsolicited official looking letters suggesting that they should obtain a certified copy of their deed. This is a scam; it is deceptive and not necessary. Here is a copy of a bulletin that has been issued by Lapeer County Register of Deeds. This alert applies to all Counties throughout Michigan.

If you have received a letter from National Deed Service, Inc. or Michigan Document Procurement Service, please be aware of the deceptiveness of its contents. This company is not affiliated with Lapeer County Government (or any County) in any way. This company is using tactics to persuade you to pay an outrageous fee to them and in return they will provide you with a copy of your deed. Please understand this company MUST obtain the Certified Copy from the Lapeer County Register of Deeds. Once they receive the certified document from US, they in turn provide it to you for the $69.50 or $49.50! Don’t be fooled! If you need a copy of your deed, please call the Lapeer County Register of Deeds. We will be happy to provide you a certified copy at a low cost of $1.00 per page plus $1.00 for the certification…A MUCH LOWER COST THAN WHAT THIS COMPANY IS ASKING!

To see an example of the actual letter click on this link:

Source: Lapeer County Register of Deeds

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