Andy & Danielle Mayoras Featured in Examiner Entertainment For 'Celebrity Legacies'

Andy and Danielle Mayoras were recently featured in a full-length article in Examiner’s Entertainment section to discuss not only their appearance on new reality show ‘Celebrity Legacies,’ but also to discuss their work at Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras and their tag-team approach to business, parenting and life in general.

The power couple published their bestselling book “Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!” in October of 2009, and as a result of their hard work and extensive research into the estates and legacies of celebrity figures, were handpicked by the producers of REELZ Channel’s newest celebrity docuseries “Celebrity Legacies.” The show features Andy & Danielle offering legal analysis and deep insight on the estates of famous celebrities John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis.

Danielle says of their work on the show,

“Their show concept is more I think exploring the estates, not exactly what Andy and I do. However, one of the things Andy and I have been doing and they’re featuring now on their website, is we’ve been providing our ‘Trial and Heirs’ lessons with each of the celebrities we explored on the show. So, it kind of ties into what we’re doing because now they’re featuring that on their website as well with each of the shows.”

Their book has been an excellent resource for bringing to light the fact that celebrity estate issues are often the same as those faced every day by families.

Andy adds,

“When I go to court for family members who are fighting over an estate or a trust, it really boils down to a lot of the same issues, the very same mistakes that the celebrities make. It’s really always been fascinating to us and that’s why we’re able to use those celebrity estates in our book. To teach people how not to let it happen to their family.”

Read Examiner’s full article about Andy & Danielle’s contributions to ‘Celebrity Legacies” and to learn more about their book “Trial & Heirs.”

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