Trust Administration Issues

Don’t despair over estate or trust administration. Let our litigators help.

Families are often faced with issues concerning the administration of a trust or estate. Don’t let it destroy your family or cause undue anxiety. If you need your rights protected or have to face family members in court, you need a skilled BRMM litigator on your side.

If you are involved in litigation as a beneficiary, trustee or personal representative of a decedent’s estate in Michigan, we can help. Our experienced probate lawyers provide smart, sound advice and clearly communicate your options, rights, responsibilities and legal options.

At BRMM, we represent all sides of estate and trust administration throughout Michigan. We also can serve the needs of clients who live out of state but hold an interest in a Michigan trust in any capacity.

Whether you need counsel or want us in court, you can trust our talented team of litigators to fight for your rights. For additional information about our trust litigation practice, call BRMM today for a free consultation.