Veterans Planning

Serving our service men and women with all aspects of estate planning

If you’re a veteran of any branch of the United States military, there are special considerations involved in your estate planning. The lawyers at BRMM can help identify those that apply to you and provide assistance and guidance with all of your estate planning needs.

Our skilled attorneys are accredited with the United States Department of Veterans and are experts in the intricacies of estate planning, asset transfer and Medicaid. We also can assess eligibility for a tax-free benefit, which is available for veterans or a surviving spouse who qualify.

For most veterans, the idea of collecting a pension benefit from the military does not seem like a real possibility, unless you have suffered a service-connected disability. However, there is a veteran’s pension benefit program available to all veterans and their families, which is available to pay for un-reimbursed home health and medical expenses and the un-reimbursed cost of assisted living. This program is called the Aid and Attendance Program and does not require a service-connected disability. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help determine whether you qualify and lay out the steps needed to receive your pension.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve served in the military or which branch you served, we will expertly guide you through the process to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of today and into the future. Contact BRMM today to get started. Or read more about medical and pension benefits available to veterans.