Nursing Home Planning

Make the smart move. Plan for nursing home care in advance.

No one knows whether they will need to go to a nursing home as they age, but putting a plan in place “just in case” is a wise and prudent way to protect yourself and your loved ones from some difficult and expensive decisions.

Many people are surprised to learn that Medicare only covers a small amount of nursing home care. Typically there are 20 days of full nursing home coverage after at least three days in a hospital, and up to 80 days of partial coverage. After that patients pay out-of-pocket or apply for Medicaid coverage.

The private-pay and Medicaid rates at nursing homes are often different, and some nursing homes will encourage you to commit your personal assets to a private pay program without explaining that you can use Medicaid instead — without bankrupting yourself.

Scenarios like this are what the experienced elder law experts at BRMM specialize in. Each individual situation is unique and Medicaid rules change often, so what applies to your friends or neighbors may not apply to you and your situation. Our elder law attorneys can find a solution that works for you. We are fully versed in Medicaid law and how to navigate the complicated government forms and procedures to maximize the benefits you deserve.

A smart move is to meet with an elder law attorney long before you or your loved one needs a nursing home, so your plan is set well in advance. Sometimes a move into a nursing home is an expected step and other times it happens fairly quickly after an accident or stroke. Either way, the process can be overwhelming and emotional, so having a plan in place before you need it makes the move a little easier.

Our elder law attorneys are here to help you get a nursing home plan in place. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.