Warning for veterans and their families when seeking improved pension – aid and attendance care benefits

For most veterans, the idea of collecting a pension benefit from the military does not seem like a real possibility, unless the veteran suffered a service connected disability. However, there is a veteran=s pension benefit program available to all veterans, and their families, which is available to pay for un-reimbursed home health and medical expenses and the un-reimbursed cost of assisted living. This program is called the AAid and Attendance Program@ (AAA@) and does not require a service connected disability. The purpose of this bulletin is not to provide a comprehensive explanation of the program but to briefly explain the pension benefit and WARN Veterans and their families that there are companies that are taking advantages of Veterans and the surviving spouses of the veteran. These companies claim to be providing “educational seminars” to the public, however their motive is to sell some type of financial product such as an annuity and sometime even gold to the family of the veteran. In fact there are some companies that use the word “Veterans” and AAmerican@in their company name which in reality are sometimes an assumed name for a financial planning firm.

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