Will & Trust Disputes

Let our litigators help your family through the tough times.

Sometimes, disputes among family members arise when a loved one passes away. This can cause serious tension and dissention that is disruptive to you and your family.

If you’re caught up in a dispute over the contents of a will or in the funding and administration of a trust, you need smart, sound advice from an experienced probate lawyer to help reach a resolution. We always try to resolve your case diplomatically, but if that fails, our expert attorneys will aggressively litigate your position and fight for you in court.

Let us help you with:

When it comes to protecting your rights or facing family in court, you need a tough, talented litigator on your side. Contact an experienced probate litigation attorney at BRMM if you need assistance resolving disagreements about the terms of a last will and testament, the administration of a trust or any other inheritance dispute. We represent heirs, beneficiaries and personal representatives in a variety of disputes. And we can represent you.

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