Contesting a Will

Turn to our litigators when an issue arises.

A last will and testament is the most common way to make sure your assets are distributed to your heirs according to your wishes after you’ve passed away. Sometimes, issues arise and family members are caught in an emotional struggle over the contents of a will.

Sometimes legitimate questions arise as to whether the person writing the will (the testator) had sufficient mental capacity at the time the will was executed. Other times another person may have had undue influence over the person executing the will. Also, adult children from a previous marriage might resent changes in a revised will that favors a new spouse to their disadvantage. In all these scenarios, BRMM will try to resolve your case diplomatically. If that fails, our attorneys will aggressively litigate your position and fight for you in court

Our probate litigation attorneys represent heirs, beneficiaries and personal representatives in disputes concerning the terms of contested wills. And we can represent you.

Experience Counts

The probate attorneys at our firm have decades of experience analyzing and litigating contested wills according to Michigan law. We know how to consider questions and present evidence about the testator’s competence. We look into allegations of undue influence or fraud. We know when to invoke the rights of intestate succession as an alternative to taking under the terms of a will.

Our lawyers also represent parties in probate disputes as they relate to construction of the will. These actions focus on problems of interpretation of particular terms that can affect the rights of an heir or devisee.

Our experience with contested will issues not only help protect your interests as an heir or fiduciary of the estate but also can help promote the resolution of will contests on terms that will ease tensions and hard feelings between opposing family factions.

If you need assistance resolving disagreements about the terms of a last will and testament or any other inheritance dispute, contact a skilled probate lawyer at BRMM.