Trust Litigation

Let our litigators fight for your rights.

When you’re faced with the troubling prospect of protecting your rights or facing family in court, you need a tough, talented litigator on your side.

Trusts are formed when a person transfers personal or business assets from their own name into a trust fund. Creating a trust fund helps them avoid probate at death, minimize exposure to estate taxes and provide care for a vulnerable dependent. But sometimes, problems arise in the funding and administration of trusts, either before or after the death of the settlor. It’s then that you need smart, sound advice from an experienced probate lawyer.

If you are involved in trust litigation as a beneficiary, trustee or personal representative of a decedent’s estate in Michigan, the attorneys at BRMM can advise you about your rights, responsibilities and legal options.

Some problems that might require probate court:

  • Issues of competence, undue influence or duress at the time the settlor created the trust or during the administration of a living trust
  • Charges of waste or improper asset administration against the trustee
  • Disputes between a trust’s income beneficiaries and the asset beneficiaries
  • Problems resulting from the failure to properly or completely transfer title to assets into trust during the life of the settlor
  • Allegations of fraud, misappropriation or self-dealing against the trustee
Experience Counts in Court

The litigators at BRMM honed their skills in courtrooms throughout the state and their experience with Michigan trust litigation is unmatched. Our team has decades of litigation experience and can help you resolve any problem relating to trusts – whether it is about the formation of the trust or management of the trust assets. And we won’t stop fighting for your rights. Some common solutions to unforeseen problems include:

  • Re-formation of a trust to fit new unanticipated realities
  • Removal or replacement of a trustee
  • Detailed accounting of the trustee’s management of trust assets to track and quantify improper transactions
  • Contest or defend ownership of assets in a dispute between trustees and a decedent’s estate representatives

At BRMM we represent all sides of trust litigation – settlors, trustees and beneficiaries – throughout Michigan. We also can serve the needs of clients who live out of state but hold an interest in a Michigan trust in any capacity.

Whether you need counsel or want us in court, you can trust our talented team of litigators to fight for your rights. For additional information about our trust litigation practice, call BRMM today for a free consultation.