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When a loved one passes away, the last thing anyone wants is to have family at odds over what will happen with the decedent’s trust or estate. Not only can family conflicts result in lengthy, contentious court battles, but they also damage precious relationships.

BRMM — Caring, Experienced Probate Mediators

Our Michigan probate mediation practice at Barron, Rosenberg, Mayoras & Mayoras is focused on preventing needless conflict and preserving family relationships. Based in Troy, we commonly work with families in the Detroit tri-county area and throughout Michigan. BRMM has over 40 years of experience in probate and litigation, so we understand the legal issues that come up, but we are sensitive to the emotional issues as well. Sometimes deep conflicts need creative solutions, and as experienced litigators and probate attorneys, we know how to find them. Our knowledgeable and compassionate probate mediation practice is dedicated to helping parties move toward a path of peaceful resolution outside of the courtroom.

What Is Probate Mediation and Why Try It?

A probate mediator is a trained neutral third party, not a judge. The goal is for the parties to reach an amicable resolution that everyone can agree with. In reaching this goal, a mediator will facilitate communication between parties, identify key issues and problems, and help explore possible solutions. The key difference between mediation and litigation is that the parties decide on a resolution, not a court.

Probate mediation is extremely helpful in situations where conflicts are likely to end up in court but do not need to. When disputes get heated enough, communication breaks down and walls go up. Conflict can cause rifts between parties that seem impossible to bridge. The mediator’s role helps bridge that divide so parties can reach one another through productive communication.

Safe, Secure, Confidential

Mediation is meant to be less stress and less risk. Decisions reached are voluntary, not imposed, and parties do not give up the right to go to court if it becomes necessary. Ultimately, the mediation process is a faster, less formal, and less expensive way for parties to sort out their problems.

Most importantly, probate mediation provides a safe setting to speak openly with one another to try to resolve trust and estate disputes. The mediation session is confidential. While there are certain unusual exceptions, the proceedings in a mediation session are not subject to discovery and not admissible in court. This is because the federal government, the State of Michigan, and the courts all recognize and support the value of solving problems amicably outside of court. Honest, open, and effective dialogue are key elements in solving any conflict. Our knowledgeable and insightful probate mediators will foster these problem-solving elements when emotions are getting in the way of peaceful resolution.

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Our Troy-based probate mediation attorneys provide flexible arrangements for parties in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and other Michigan counties. We can also accommodate parties out of state via Skype. Contact our probate mediators today at 248-641-7070 for a free consultation.