Asset Ownership Disputes

Let a litigator fight for you when assets are missing and ownership is disputed

After a person dies, it can be difficult to precisely identify which assets are property of the estate, which are titled in a trust or which are joint assets that pass automatically to a surviving joint tenant. Sometimes assets are simply taken from the estate on the grounds that “Grandmother always told me that she wanted me to have this ring,” or “You know that Dad meant for me to take his truck, don’t you?”

Resolving probate disputes can sometimes involve delicate family dynamics as well as complex legal issues. If you have an interest in a decedent’s estate that seems to be missing some valuable asset, call us. If you are a personal representative who needs advice about resolving conflicting claims to insurance proceeds, call us. If you believe that you have rights to money held in a joint checking or investment accounts, call us.

Whether you hold a contested claim to particular property or must act on behalf of the estate or trust with an ownership or inheritance dispute, our experienced probate attorneys can represent you in cases such as:

  • Disputes about gift transfers
  • Contested ownership between a trust and a decedent’s estate
  • Undue influence, fraud or duress with respect to an inter vivos transfer
  • Survivorship rights of a surviving spouse or child with respect to real property, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, motor vehicles or other jointly-held assets
  • A claim by an heir or personal representative that the surviving signatory on a joint account does not succeed to ownership, but instead is administering an account of convenience for the benefit of others similarly situated
  • Challenges to beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, annuity policies or retirement accounts

No matter what your connection to the estate or a particular asset might be, we can help identify and resolve disputes as to the ownership of particular property, and work to recover assets that might have been taken as gifts prior to the probate of the will. We will aggressively litigate your claim in court when necessary. Contact the experts at BRMM. We can help straighten out probate ownership disputes, usually on terms that also improve strained family relationships.